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TMG Virtual Utility Forum Sponsor Booth

On the one hand, your utilities enterprise needs to maintain a smart grid network that provides reliable service. On the other, your consumers expect clean energy, customized service and cost-effective tariff plans. The emergence of distributed generation, battery storage solutions, home automation and IoT, and trading among prosumers is disrupting the traditional energy supply and billing business model. The opportunity before a utility today is to transform into a responsive enterprise – soaking up a growing quantity of data from every source, analyzing it and publishing actionable insights to the right decision-makers. Technology enables a utility to reinvent itself to be a Live Enterprise – learning, adapting, healing, and growing smarter in real-time. 

You need to strike a balance by navigating business challenges and opportunities by harnessing digital technologies to ‘Navigate the Future of Energy’. 

Why Infosys should be your innovative partner 

Infosys helps utilities enterprise chart their business transformation by harnessing digital technologies. Our digital navigation framework has five focus areas:  

  • Experience raises the bar on customer service by capitalizing on mobile and social media.  
  • Insight leverages advanced data analytics to undertake preventive asset maintenance.  
  • Innovate with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to predict user behavior and forecast demand.  
  • Accelerate through DevOps and Agile adoption to implement business-critical projects in a smooth and expedited manner.  
  • Assure by safeguarding the digital utility and protecting customer data with cybersecurity policies. 

Navigate the Future of Energy by transforming customer experience, modernizing infrastructure and enabling future-ready business models. 

Explore how Infosys is helping Utilities navigate towards a digitally connected, sustainable, self-healing and evolving Live Enterprise.  


Case Study Video

Forum Speaker: Ayyoob Hussain, Oracle Utilities Practice Lead & Program Manager @ Infosys

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