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TMG Virtual Utility Forum Sponsor Booth

Since 1976, Harris Utilities has been a trusted source for robust, feature-rich turnkey software solutions that help utilities improve customer service and increase financial performance and operational efficiency. 


Harris Utilities Group is made up of nine companies that have the qualities to meet your specific needs. Our business units are tiered in order to manage all municipalities, big or small. Regardless of the number of customers you serve, we have the solutions. 

With more than 35 years’ experience developing best-in-class software solutions, we’ve earned the trust of utilities through stellar service and a rigorous product development process. In each of our companies, we work closely and directly with our utility customers. We listen carefully. We respond swiftly, building and refining each product to meet customers’ evolving needs in a dynamic utility sector.  

We provide competitive energy retailers and multi-service municipal, cooperative and investor-owned utilities with the complete range of enterprise software requirements: from customer information systems and managed services to financial, operations and meter data management solutions. 



Eric Chabot Executive Vice President at SmartWorks 

P: 613-226-5511 x2574 

C: +1 (514) 836-6687 


Blair Bryce Marketing Manager 

P: +1 613-226-5511 x? 


Tim Berson Director of Products & Research 

P: 360-834-1634